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The Artist

Exploring the challenges and triumphs faced by women

Capturing the essence of being human from oppression to freedom

Tara Shakti grew up in Madagascar as part of a family immersing herself in a world of creativity from an age. Encouraged by her brother she started painting at 7 years old igniting a passion for artistic expression. Her journey as an artist has been shaped by her understanding of the experience and her unwavering commitment to shedding light on the injustices that plague our society.

As a painter Tara Shakti approach revolves around capturing the essence of being human through visual exploration. Her paintings eloquently convey the struggles, resilience and liberation experienced by women who often face oppression within societies. She delves into the complexities of emotions with a goal to evoke a powerful response that resonates on a personal level with viewers. Her aim is to foster empathy inspire contemplation and create experiences that lead to change.

Through her artistry Tara Shakti aims to awaken viewers sensibilities by bringing attention to challenging realities such, as trafficking and modern slavery.
With her use of symbols, metaphors and deliberate aesthetic choices she effectively communicates the urgency of these pressing issues and prompts profound reflections. Women play a role in her endeavors as she portrays their stories of survival and liberation evoking a strong sense of identification and empathy among those who encounter her impactful paintings.

Tara Shakti artistic approach is characterized by colors, expressive forms and striking contrasts. Her careful aesthetic selections aim to evoke emotions and establish a connection, with the viewer leaving a lasting impression on their hearts and minds. Beyond expression Tara Shakti actively opposes human trafficking and modern slavery. Dedicated to prevention, and public awareness campaigns she utilizes her artwork as a catalyst for change while inspiring viewers to join the battle against these forms of oppression.

Throughout her journey Tara Shakti's works have been exhibited in galleries and institutions worldwide. Garnering acclaim and recognition from events such as the Florence Biennale in Italy to the Carrousel du Louvre, in France her captivating artworks have enthralled audiences while deeply resonating with them.
Tara Shakti has also made an impact, in New York City, where she has exhibited her art at the World Art Fair and gained recognition for her series called "Archives," which explores the issue of women enslavement.

Tara Shakti dedication to her craft and her advocacy for those without a voice have garnered attention. She has received awards and honors including the Medal of Recognition from the Embassy of Madagascar in Rome (awarded in Venice in October 2022) and the Leonardo da Vinci Award in Florence (awarded in February 2022). Her work has been praised for raising awareness about trafficking and modern slavery. Notably she was honored with the Mosaic 2019 Exposé Award in New York for her series "Archives". Received the Zama Award in Paris for her artistic contributions.

In summary Tara Shakti artistic journey is deeply intertwined with her commitment to capturing the essence of humanity. From beginnings in Madagascar to acclaim she embraces her role as an artist with a purpose; shedding light on women struggles and triumphs provoking contemplation about societal injustices and inspiring collective action, towards a world where freedom and dignity are universally respected. 
Her artwork acts as an invitation for people to take action encouraging them to pause, participate and collaborate in order to create an fairer future.



2022. October : International art exhibition in Venise "Recordum"

2021. October: Florence Biennale

2019. june 7-july 31 : Château de Mirambeau France

2017. oct   20-22 : Carrousel du Louvre Paris

2017. june 01-30 : World Art Fair Chelsea New York

2017. feb : Group Show "beauty and elegance" Roma

2016. nov 03-05 : Origin Africa, Madagascar

2016. oct 18-31 : Au-delà de l'apparence, Madagascar

2014. Spiritual art Thérèse de Lisieux, Broadway

2009. Group Show ArtLigre, Paris


2022. Medal of Recognition (Embassy of Madagascar of Rome) VENISE

2022. Leonardo Da Vinci Award FLORENCE

2020. Artist of the Future, Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

2019. Mosaic 2019 exposé NEW YORK

2019. Zama PARIS

2017. Special Prize at Le Carrousel du Louvre PARIS

Artist statement

Shedding light on the struggles and triumphs of women

Expressing the resilience of women in the fight for global justice

In my journey I delve into the complexities of human existence aiming to shed light on the challenges and victories experienced by women who have faced oppressive circumstances throughout history. As an artist my purpose is to awaken emotions. Provoke discussions about gender equality and justice on a global scale.

At the core of my expression lies a dedication to shedding light on the haunting realities of human trafficking and modern day slavery. Women from backgrounds of ages, nationalities and faiths have been subjected to submissive roles and silenced voices for generations. Through my paintings I strive to give voice to these silenced souls by portraying their resilience and determination to break free from the dominance imposed by male societies.

Exploring the thoughts of these women from a realm presents an exhilarating challenge. Their visions are ethereal otherworldly multi dimensional. Focused not on dwelling in their struggles but also envisioning a brighter future. Acrylic paint on canvas and ink mixed with charcoal on paper serve as my language, through brushstrokes as I capture their essence in a transformative and captivating manner.
My artistic aspiration is to spark conversations, about the determination of women and their unwavering commitment to achieving gender equality and global justice. As I delve into the world of art I take on the role of an advocate joining forces with women from nations defying the odds and demanding change. Art serves as a medium through which I engage with others raising awareness about the challenges faced by women stimulating contemplation and inspiring action.

Meaningful and transformative dialogues lie at the heart of bringing about change. Through my art I create a platform that empowers individuals to express their thoughts and shed light on the darkness of injustice while fostering unity in times of adversity. The journey towards a equitable world is undeniably long and demanding; however with unity as our driving force it becomes an attainable reality.

As viewers encounter my artworks my hope is that they experience an awakening within their souls—a call to rise against the injustices that still afflict our world. Each painting stands as a testament to the resilience and strength embodied by women challenging society to transcend its limitations and embrace a future where freedom and dignity are rights for all human beings.

In conclusion my artistic voyage represents a pursuit to capture the essence of humanity experiences—particularly highlighting the trials and triumphs encountered by women in their quest, for justice.
As I create my artwork I encourage viewers to participate in discussions to acknowledge the abilities of each person and to come together in support of a world where equality prevails. Through art I aim to reflect the bravery of current generations shedding light on a route, towards a future where humanity joins forces to establish an empathetic and fair society for everyone.

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